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Lionel Philippe

Lionel Philippe

Professional Experiences

  • Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Master Practitioner
  • Stop Smoking cessation therapist
  • Second Black belt In Ki-Aikido

Lionel’s Story

Originally hailing from France, I have retained my European charm while establishing Vancouver BC as my cherished home. Additionally, I am fortunate to hold the role of a grandfather. My interests encompass a wide range, from delighting in the beauty of nature and savoring exquisite cuisine to relishing a fine glass of red wine and occasionally indulging in ice cream. Through the course of my life journey and dedicated training in mindfulness and meditation techniques, combined with introspection, I have gained profound insights into the incredible potential of the human mind.

Profound fears deeply rooted within, past traumas, persistent abuses, unending worries, and negative thought patterns exert a substantial influence on our emotions, actions, and the way we perceive ourselves. These facets not only shape our interactions with loved ones but also significantly impact our sense of fulfillment and achievements in both personal and professional aspects of life. Having personally experienced the debilitating effects of panic attacks, excessive anxiety, obsessive thoughts, and self-sabotaging tendencies, both in my own life and relationships, I was compelled to take meaningful action.

In 2003, I had the privilege of meeting Lynn Sumida, who has since become my teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend. Our authentic friendship has spanned over 20 years. Lynn possesses exceptional wisdom and a profound understanding of the human mind and soul; she is, in essence, a “Doula of the Spirit.”

For the past two decades, I have been deeply committed to assisting others in unlocking their fullest potential. My mission revolves around enriching the lives, work, and relationships of my clients by addressing a diverse range of historical and present challenges. The unique strengths that characterize my approach have evolved through a fusion of self-exploration, principles derived from martial arts (holding a second-degree black belt in the Martial Art Ki-Aikido), and teachings rooted in non-dualistic spirituality.

This distinctive blend empowers me to:

• Identify and transform ingrained self-sabotaging patterns.
• Cultivate self-inquiry with compassion and empathy.
• Guide clients in releasing unconscious limitations.
• Support the rediscovery of one’s authentic self—the embodiment of inherent power and liberated existence.

My clientele spans a diverse spectrum, including individuals dealing with PTSD, entrepreneurs, leaders, homemakers, and artists. I am enthusiastic about extending my services to anyone seeking to transition from distressing thoughts and self-defeating behaviors to attain mental clarity and an open heart.

If you aspire to cultivate greater presence, responsiveness, and active engagement in your life, my offerings are meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs.


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