Welcome to Expanding You, where we are about you, your growth, and your evolution, because we know transforming you transforms the world. We are so excited about this journey that we are all on together!

Our team has over 100 years of wide-ranging experience including somatic expertise, trauma-informed care, family systems, organizational, and community development. We take pride in the quality of our work and materials, and how well they’ve worked in people’s lives across the globe. Our team is confident our programs will create lasting change and greater fulfillment in your life.

Inner Balance

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, or discouraged? Whether you are tired of “managing it all” or feel like you’ve lost control, Inner Balance will support you to breathe again. This online program will guide you in a step-by-step process from getting lost in your thinking to having more peace and ease.

Inner Discovery

Are you craving real freedom? Learn where your blocks and triggers really come from and how to disconnect from the early programming that formed your limiting beliefs and habitual behaviors. Join us to unlock your conditioning and unleash your creative, expansive self. This is where real freedom lies.

Inner Peace

Do you have an inner knowing that there must be more? Have you been growing personally, but still not finding fulfillment? The foundation you’ve built your life on is the key to unlocking lasting change. Once you address your early conditioning your nervous system can actually reboot and create a new normal – a new foundation for life.

Prime Potential

Do you want one-on-one support to guide you to deep inner peace? Have you been growing personally, but still not finding fulfillment? This one-on-one program zeros into the specific ways your system is cross wired, sabotaging you from living your full potential. Supporting your nervous system to move out of hyper-vigilance, will open up your life in profound ways.

Our Programs

Our Path

Inner Peace and Prime Potential allow you to expand into an unlimited sense of self. The changes are systemic, “effortless,” and go beyond limiting beliefs or ineffective behaviors. Systemic impact means the work affects all aspects of yourself (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, neurological and cellular) simultaneously. It fundamentally shifts the wiring of your nervous system from fears, limitations, or difficulties to possibilities and potential.

The Expanding You path is designed to support you through tools, illustrations, and daily practices to move from triggered and stuck, to free and fulfilled. This is a journey into expanded awareness of choice; changed habitual patterns; amazing relationships; and the ability to experience deeper presence as you evolve along the identity continuum. Wherever you may be starting on the path, if you are willing to keep going, the destination you truly desire is within reach. Transforming you transforms the world!

The Expanding You path is structured, and, like walking along any path, you get to choose your pace, where you rest and reflect, and how far you go. With step-by-step guidance our programs skillfully offer knowledge, new experiences of yourself, and, ultimately, integration for lasting change. This is not about “getting it right,” this is about living the tools and gaining the growth you seek for a more fulfilling, vibrant life and relationships.

The programs have been designed specifically to follow a path of evolution. Many people start with Inner Balance, including those who have done significant work, because the program helps you slow down your daily interactions to catch blind spots. As simple as this may seem, it is very powerful and often overlooked, yet this creates exponential growth and lasting change. Our personal evolution quiz will allow you to to see where you are on the path of evolution.

As you build the skills of internal awareness and balance, you will have the resiliency to expand into deeper areas of early conditioning and emotional wounds, as offered in Inner Discovery. This will allow you to understand where your triggered responses come from, how you formed your identity, and what is still limiting or blocking you from living from your authentic self.

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Our Team

Lynn Sumida

Co Founder

Lynn is a master catalyst, teacher, and mentor. She guides and inspires people in their journey of transformation, helping them find the joy of living from their true self.

Jeff Brown

Co Founder

Jeff is a dedicated leader with a ferocious appetite for learning. As a transformational coach he guides people in finding a life filled with freedom and lasting joy.


Some amazing testimonials of the people we’ve been blesssed to work with in the past….

Sage Brocklebank

As an advanced student who has taken many personal development courses, Inner Balance helped me realize that I’d slipped back into focusing on what I didn’t want, instead of what I wanted. This shift back to a positive focus allowed me to get really clear and address some challenges at work.

Sonia Murioz

I started the Inner Balance course thinking I’d learn strategies to share with teachers and for my work. I soon found by practicing the concepts and doing the homeplay I was growing more than I expected! I recommend anyone who wants to lead their own life to participate in this course.

Ken Keenan

The four week INNER BALANCE course exceeded my expectations. It came at a time, during the second year of Covid, when getting out of balance seemed to be a regular issue for me, and it delivered in spades.

Carly Faragher

I love using the Inner Balance tools, I use them almost daily. I recommend them to friends when they are stuck. Starting by identifying whether I’m feeling sad, mad, or afraid has allowed me to connect more deeply with my thoughts and what I really want. Then I’m able to take responsibility for myself and what I’m committed to.

Rie Rumito

Gemma Finn

Mike Frank

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