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We are excited that you are about to take the Personal Evolution Quiz and have the opportunity to discover where you currently are along the path.

The quiz is 10 multiple choice questions and the results offer insight regarding challenges that you might be facing.

Your answers will also point to the program we believe will bring you the most benefit.

The Path of Personal Evolution

We hope this quiz will pique your curiosity into a deeper understanding of yourself and where you may be stuck. Your quiz results will reveal the limiting beliefs that are boxing you in, keeping stuck, trapped or frustrated. The difficulty with limiting beliefs is we typically don’t recognize them until we “trip” on them, feel resistance, or something inside us says “stop.”

This could be in the form of:

“I can’t….”
“I shouldn’t…”
“I’m not good enough to ….”

Recognizing these beliefs open the door to greater freedom and living more expansively.

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