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 Inner Discovery

A program that helps you gain powerful clarity on the silent factors that trap you, freeing yourself from your negative habits.

Inner Discovery supports you in a deep exploration of conditioning, where your triggered responses come from, how you formed your identity, and what is still blocking you from living from your authentic self.

Inner Balance

A program that helps you gain a sense of internal control giving you a formula for inner stability.

Why Inner Discovery?

• Do you sometimes feel trapped by the expectations and roles you play in life?

• Do you find yourself escaping, looking for freedom, but actually getting caught in distractions?

• Are you ready to be free from self-sabotage and achieve your goals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions…

Our 9 Week Inner Discovery Program is For You

Whether it’s challenging relationships, work-home balance, parenting in an ever changing chaotic world, or finding fulfilling work, life today is complicated.

When you feel constrained by too many responsibilities, expectations, stuck in a never-ending loop, and too-often triggered by people and situations around you, understanding your early conditioning makes all the difference.

Inner Discovery offers you the ability to make sense of your life. It helps you find more choices, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and write your own script.

“You don’t respond to what happens, you respond to your perception of what happens”

What you’ll learn?

Practical tools for daily life.

Without consciously realizing it, we all form a perception of who we are, an identity based in part on our childhood conditioning.

We form beliefs about what to do to be good enough, how to get along with others, and what it means to be successful. Ultimately our conditioning becomes restrictive and often painful. This conditioning unconsciously undermines you and your relationships. Before you wrong it, please know this conditioning was necessary, but for those who want transformation, the journey is to move beyond it.

Inner Discovery is a deep dive into your conditioning so you will be able to move beyond it. With this understanding you will be able to break out of the “ruts” you’ve been living in, and open the door to a more expansive life of possibilities.

Our passion is to provide powerful information, broken into bite-size pieces that can be integrated on a daily basis, building your confidence and resilience. This is the foundation for authentic leadership, meaningful contribution, and amazing relationships.

Sound familiar?

If these ideas sound familiar, we invite you to ask yourself, “How well am I living what I know? Most of us have a lag between our knowledge and ability to live it.

Inner Discovery is an opportunity to practice and integrate the tools so that you feel in effective control of your life.

Our Process

Weekly schedule, exercises & learning videos.

Every Sunday

Live Online Teaching Session

6:30 PM to 9:00 PM PST

Every Wednesdays

Live Online Q&A Session

6:30 PM to 7:30 PM PST

We’ve Got You Covered!

For those of you with a busy life, if you need to miss a session, please know that all live sessions are recorded and available for you to watch when it fits your schedule.

Homeplay Exercises

Hours of Instruction

Learning Videos

Reflection Exercises

Your Facilitators

An experienced team here to serve you.

Lynn Sumida


Lynn is a master catalyst, teacher, and mentor. She guides and inspires people in their journey of transformation, helping them find the joy of living from their true self.

Jeff Brown


Jeff is a dedicated leader with a ferocious appetite for learning. As a transformational coach he guides people in finding a life filled with freedom and lasting joy.

Leslie Brown

Coach, Facilitator

Leslie is a trauma-informed embodiment coach, passionate about supporting people to connect deeply with themselves through understanding and embracing what it is to be a human being in today’s world.

Debbe Keenan

Program Facilitator

Deb is an experienced facilitator, having nurtured people from early stages of personal development to deep personal growth. An area of expertise is in the business world and supporting teams.
Sonia Muñoz

Taking part in the Inner Balance programme has been a transformative experience, helping me find my inner balance and navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity. I've gained invaluable tools to foster inner harmony, clarify and get what I want, and enhance my overall well-being. If you're seeking inner balance and personal growth, this program is an inspiring journey worth taking.

Nadia Thonnard

Capetown, South Africa
Sonia Muñoz

Many times we go through life in autopilot mode, and program uncovers what's running that automatic system. It's a deep dive into the components that make us who we are. The facilitators have phenomenal expertise, delivery skills and compassion. I am so glad to have taken this program and highly recommend it!

Susan Mann

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Jeff and Monique are compassionate, caring and understanding. They listen without judgement and truly want to help others with their personal development. The cost of this 4 week program is extremely affordable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking some clarity in their life.

My Vu

White Rock B.C., Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Through Inner Balance, I've experienced a transformative journey, achieving a profound sense of equanimity. This program has empowered me to approach each day with heightened awareness and enhanced emotional control.

Kathy Fraser

Richmond B.C., Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Yes, without taking away anything from you the program give you the ability to become your own mirror and be the analytical catalyst of your own life. That's what it has done to me.

Xola Sdiki

Johannesburg, South Africa
Sonia Muñoz

My ah-ha moment came when I realized how all the little things in life add up, and were throwing me out of balance. Ironically rather than making this worse it actually allowed me to understand myself and learn how to come back into balance.

Sarmite Stalta


Here’s what we’ll be covering.

With personalized support & mentorship.

The Big Picture of YOU

Week One

Discover the nature of identity and how yours was formed

Define the 3 main stages of your identity journey

Uncover the key mindset shifts necessary for your growth

Destructive External Mindset

Week Two

Learn how we inherited this way of thinking

Reveal why we try to control others, when we know better

Explore the levels of external control and their consequences

The Internal Mindset

Week Three

Finally, identify the engine for motivation and satisfaction 

Realize how your needs evolved

Understand why your mind needs a clear want to be effective

Your Genetic Instructions

Week Four

Finally, identify the engine for motivation and satisfaction

Realize how important it is for your needs to evolved

Make the link between your needs and losing energy

How Behaviour Works

Week Five

Learn how your perception influence your behaviour

Understand to connect with your feelings

Discovery how your thoughts can lie to you

Scripts, Roles, & Expectations

Week Six

See how family, culture, and socialization influence you

Discern between conscious and unconscious conditioning

Release the “shoulds” and expectations that trap you

Beliefs and Traumas

Week Seven

Learn how early experiences form your beliefs

Feel the freedom that comes from understanding your beliefs

Unlock limiting beliefs through the belief iceberg

The Mystery of Presence

Week Eight

Discover the levels of becoming present

Examine the price you pay for not being present

Experience the daily fulfillment that presence brings

Moving Forward

Week Nine

Benchmarking your growth

Optimizing the tools you’ve learned

Ready yourself for the next step of transformation

Are you ready to get started?

Join us on the journey…

People from all walks of life have worked with our incredible team at Expanding You. Through our guided programs they have been empowered to change their lives – like never before! Together let’s ignite the joyful appreciation for life.
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