Who is the Expanding You Team?

We are founders.

Knowing that ordinary life can bring total fulfillment inspired us to create Expanding You. Within everyone is a capacity for deep peace and presence – as founders, we wanted to share our path that will take you there. This path encompasses both individual transformation and the transformation of the world. People being more loving, generous, kind and of service to others is our life-time commitment.

We are partners.

The joy of creating programs together that guide people at every stage of human development is incredibly exciting. Our partners are committed to creating cutting edge programs and living the values that align with Expanding You’s vision. We share, we nurture, we commit.

We are facilitators.

As facilitators we love delivering programs, and seeing people light up with learning and growth. We are proud that our work reaches people all around the world. The brilliance is in how the tools are presented in an easy to comprehend step-by-step fashion. Going beyond knowledge into true integration is what makes our programs unique.

The Founders

Lynn Sumida


Lynn is a master catalyst, teacher, and mentor. She guides and inspires people in their journey of transformation, helping them find the joy of living from their true self.

Jeff Brown


Jeff is a dedicated leader with a ferocious appetite for learning. As a transformational coach he guides people in finding a life filled with freedom and lasting joy.

Lead Facilitators

Leslie Brown

Lead Facilitator

A trauma-informed embodiment coach, passionate about supporting people to connect deeply with themselves through understanding and embracing what it is to be a human being.

Debbe Keenan

Lead Facilitator

An experienced facilitator, having nurtured people from early stages of personal development to deep personal growth. An area of expertise is in the business world and supporting teams.


Tarin Stefens


Amit Deo


Rebecca Lane


Lionel Philippe


Creative & Marketing

Zoelle Stefens

Social Media

Tu Fyfe

Information Technologist

Ivan Liu


A word from Lynn & Jeff

Coming from radically different backgrounds it was much to our surprise to have found a point where our lives intersected. Lynn followed a traditional path getting the right education, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s professionally, but was still looking for more answers to help people deeply transform.

Jeff worked many different jobs to eventually create the financial success society deems as a great life. As good as this looked on the outside, he too came to realize that something was wrong, something critical was missing. For both of us, finding answers to our search has been an amazing journey we are excited to share with the world.

Our wisdom comes from our collective experiences and leads the way for us to be able to connect with, and inspire participants from all walks of life. Join us to transform your life, and co-create a world for all.

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