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Rebecca Lane

Rebecca Lane

Professional Experiences

  • Bachelor Degree of Education
  • Masters of Special Education
  • Diploma of Counseling
  • Prime Potential facilitator
  • Certified Choice Theory Instructor
  • Diploma of Fine Arts

Rebecca’s Story

What people often say upon meeting me is that I have an indomitable spirit and a joyful exuberance. They often comment on my mischievous smile and the twinkle in my eye. All those things ring true for me. What is also true is that I choose this way of living and being from a backdrop of challenges and opportunities. I have filled many roles, including mother, stepmother, daughter, wife, friend, instructor, facilitator, and community organizer.

I find it incredibly fulfilling to guide those who are parents. I also facilitate and coach those who navigate special needs, as I do with multiple sclerosis, as part of my life’s calling. I am an avid learner who has taught at university and for William Glasser International.

As a mum and a teacher, I believe that true empowerment comes from encouraging others to discover their own inner strengths and potential. And through “Our World Transformed” I am excited to embrace opportunities to support others as they explore and discover the beliefs that may be holding them back. Beliefs like I once held, including, “healing is for others but not for me” and “if I heal it won’t last, It can’t.” I had already invested so much energy in hope that I was afraid of being disappointed again. I needed to collect new evidence.

But how? Through the support and love of those working with me I have been able to quieten my inner critic, which has led to an openness and a change in my beliefs. I have journeyed from “HOPE” of change to “BELIEF” of change, to “KNOWING” the change. It takes patience, practice and perseverance for long lasting change and healing to happen. Supporting individuals through their most challenging moments and witnessing their transformation is truly inspiring.

I love nurturing and guiding people as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Together we can pave a path of transformation and growth.


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