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Inner Peace

“Have you been reflecting on what you really want and what is most important in your life?

Inner Peace

A profound program that guides you to unleash your untapped potential giving you the capacity to fully live from your Authentic Self.

Inner Peace facilitates the healing work that establishes a foundation for an on-going sense of core safety.

It goes beyond cognitive change, resetting the nervous system and releasing patterns like hyper-vigilance, self-sabotage and anxiety.

Why Inner Peace?

• Do you believe you are capable of living with greater heart, passion, and creativity?

• Do you know you have limiting patterns and you’re ready to break free from them?

• Do you want to align with a greater sense of flow in life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions…

Our 3 Month Inner Peace Program is For You…

Whether it’s challenging relationships, work-home balance, parenting in an ever changing chaotic world, or finding fulfilling work, life today is complicated.

When you’ve worked hard, met expectations and achieved many of your life goals, it’s disappointing not to feel deep fulfillment.

Your high standards can lead to striving, feeling “maxed”, and not at your creative best. Inner Peace offers you the ability to connect with the flow of life.

It connects you to your capacity to be responsive in the moment, an expanded sense of presence, and the confidence to access greater creativity and potential.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Sonia Muñoz

Taking part in the Inner Balance programme has been a transformative experience, helping me find my inner balance and navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity. I've gained invaluable tools to foster inner harmony, clarify and get what I want, and enhance my overall well-being. If you're seeking inner balance and personal growth, this program is an inspiring journey worth taking.

Nadia Thonnard

Capetown, South Africa
Sonia Muñoz

Many times we go through life in autopilot mode, and program uncovers what's running that automatic system. It's a deep dive into the components that make us who we are. The facilitators have phenomenal expertise, delivery skills and compassion. I am so glad to have taken this program and highly recommend it!

Susan Mann

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Jeff and Monique are compassionate, caring and understanding. They listen without judgement and truly want to help others with their personal development. The cost of this 4 week program is extremely affordable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking some clarity in their life.

My Vu

White Rock B.C., Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Through Inner Balance, I've experienced a transformative journey, achieving a profound sense of equanimity. This program has empowered me to approach each day with heightened awareness and enhanced emotional control.

Kathy Fraser

Richmond B.C., Canada
Sonia Muñoz

Yes, without taking away anything from you the program give you the ability to become your own mirror and be the analytical catalyst of your own life. That's what it has done to me.

Xola Sdiki

Johannesburg, South Africa
Sonia Muñoz

My ah-ha moment came when I realized how all the little things in life add up, and were throwing me out of balance. Ironically rather than making this worse it actually allowed me to understand myself and learn how to come back into balance.

Sarmite Stalta


What you will learn…

Here is an overview.

Do you have an inner knowing that there must be more? Have you been growing personally, but still not finding fulfillment?

The foundation you’ve built your life on is the key to unlocking lasting change. Once you address your early conditioning your nervous system can actually reboot and create a new normal – a new foundation for life.

Inner Peace is a powerful course of self-discovery that explores the root causes of patterns like sabotage, procrastination, hyper-vigilance, and anxiety; all a result of the nervous system feeling unsafe. 

This unique program pinpoints where your system is “stuck,” and guides you, step by step, to healing and recalibration of your nervous system, leaving you with a spacious sense of flow and ease.

The jump from good to great requires a pivotal shift. Beyond your behaviour and beliefs is something powerful that has been influencing you for your whole life – your self-image.

This “identity” is formed from all your life experiences, positive and negative, and has built-in limitations that are encoded in your nervous system. Whether it’s in your performance, quality of relationships, or self-evolution, for you to go “from good to great” you must make a shift internally and embrace an expansive new identity. We truly believe we are biologically hardwired to expand and are meant to go beyond our early conditioning, into our innate authentic self.

Start living your life with greater heart, passion and purpose.

Your Facilitators

An experienced team here to serve you.

Lynn Sumida


Lynn is a master catalyst, teacher, and mentor. She guides and inspires people in their journey of transformation, helping them find the joy of living from their true self.

Jeff Brown


Jeff is a dedicated leader with a ferocious appetite for learning. As a transformational coach he guides people in finding a life filled with freedom and lasting joy.

Leslie Brown

Coach, Facilitator

Leslie is a trauma-informed embodiment coach, passionate about supporting people to connect deeply with themselves through understanding and embracing what it is to be a human being in today’s world.

Debbe Keenan

Program Facilitator

Deb is an experienced facilitator, having nurtured people from early stages of personal development to deep personal growth. An area of expertise is in the business world and supporting teams.

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