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Some amazing testimonials of the people we’ve been blesssed to work with in the past….

Sage Brocklebank

As an advanced student who has taken many personal development courses, Inner Balance helped me realize that I’d slipped back into focusing on what I didn’t want, instead of what I wanted. This shift back to a positive focus allowed me to get really clear and address some challenges at work.

Courtney M

The Inner Balance Program is an excellent foundational program for anyone looking to start on the path towards self-awareness and alignment. You learn how to positively control your thoughts, and feelings; how you react to what life throws your way. The Expanding You team provides a safe and welcoming space to go deep into your inner self and unlock your full potential.

Ken Keenan

The four week INNER BALANCE course exceeded my expectations. It came at a time, during the second year of Covid, when getting out of balance seemed to be a regular issue for me, and it delivered in spades.

Anna Corbett

Whether you are new to these ideas, personally and professionally, or have years of study and experience, I highly recommend Inner Balance. Even with all my years of studying, living and teaching Choice Theory, I found the beauty and value this course offers is the opportunity to go deeper throughout the day, live into and more fully embody the principles personally and…playfully catch myself when I am ‘out of balance’

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Your Inner Balance course was just what I needed for my recovery process. It made me aware of the resilience we all have, and I learnt how to take charge of my life again. I want to congratulate you for putting such a powerful, life-changing course together. You have done an outstanding job with this course! It will change people’s lives. I know that you will be successful with the marketing and the sales. I want to thank you for sharing this course with me.


San Diego, California USA

I was able to apply the concepts in real-time, having the opportunity to reflect on issues I was dealing with. I was able to look through a new lens at my experiences and be more aware of my reactions. By doing the home plays I was also able to set aside time to be reflective of my experiences and think about how I might address upcoming challenges. Doing the home plays was challenging, having to be intentional about taking out time in your day. I found it to very rewarding and is probably the most opportune time to internalize the concepts that was learnt. It gave me an immediate sense of achievement and helped me to deal with different challenges.

Ian Johnson

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Many times we go through life in autopilot mode, and the Inner Discovery Program uncovers what is running that automatic system. This program is a deep dive into the components that make us who we are. When we realize this, we have a much better understanding of why we show up in life the way we do. It is a big step in moving towards life transformation for those who are ready for it. The facilitators have phenomenal expertise, delivery skills and compassion. I am so glad to have taken this program and highly recommend it!

Susan Mann

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I had taken many self-help programs from different organizations before taking this one. Although they all are excellent programs, I kept looking for a program that could help me learn more about myself and why I continued to revisit the same issues. The old adage “Same sh….t different shovel”. The Inner Discovery program provided me with excellent, simple, tools that I continue to use daily. These tools assist me in understanding my needs, staying focused on keeping balanced in my daily life, and in being present to the beauty of the moment. One of the most amazing things for me was: The program gave me the understanding and tools to forgive myself and move forward, to live in the moment and celebrate what is! This program has shifted how I see my life and given me the understanding and tools to find the love and joy in the moments life offers.

Colleen KZ

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jeff and Monique are compassionate, caring and understanding. They listen without judgement and truly want to help others with their personal development. The cost of this 4 week program is extremely affordable and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking some clarity in their life.

My Vu

White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Through Inner Balance, I've experienced a transformative journey, achieving a profound sense of equanimity. This program has empowered me to approach each day with heightened awareness and enhanced emotional control.

Kathy Fraser

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Taking part in the Inner Balance program has been a transformative experience, helping me find my inner balance and navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity. I've gained invaluable tools to foster inner harmony, clarify and get what I want, and enhance my overall well-being. If you're seeking inner balance and personal growth, this program is an inspiring journey worth taking.

Nadia Thonnard

Capetown, South Africa

Yes, without taking away anything from you the program give you the ability to become your own mirror and be the analytical catalyst of your own life. That's what it has done to me.

Xola Sdiki

Johannesburg, South Africa

As a parent of 2 young children, the Inner Balance Program has been invaluable for me. It has helped me to better understand my thoughts and feelings and has taught me how to regain my balance and resilience in situations that are not always in my control.

I learned to take ownership of myself and where I can gain effective control, my relationship to parenting and to my children has shifted dramatically. I no longer feel like a victim to my circumstances and now know how to step into a mindset of sustainable inner stability.

To any parent out there who struggles with the overwhelm of balancing family, the Inner Balance Program is an excellent foundational learning that will set you up on a track towards truly enjoying your life with more stability, ease and peace.

Andrea Bath

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

In nine short weeks I am amazed that for me as a senior, I can finally understand exactly how my identity developed. How my life experiences from a very early age have been influencing my behavior all my life. Now, I appreciate, and get to work on my coping skills, core wounds, and old limiting beliefs. I am so much more aware today of the many different roles I played in life, the expectations that came along with them, and how much they have influenced, or at times taken me out of balance. This program has helped me understand how important an internal mindset vs an external mindset is to bring inner peace and happiness. It has taught me to take responsibility for how I show up in life. It has shown me how to change a negative situation into a positive, just by changing my thoughts. In a busy and rapidly changing world I have some wonderful skills that will help me know when I am truly in presence. I am looking forward with so much curiosity and enthusiasm to the next stage of my life. Thank you Lynn, Jeff, and Monique for this important work that you do.

Shirley Brown

Delta, British Columbia, Canada

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Deb and Ken